13 skin care products that are inspired by ancient beauty rituals and secrets

While there will always be new and exciting innovations in beauty, it’s worth exploring the ancient beauty secrets and rituals that have stood the test of time. If they’re still around after hundreds of years, chances are you can trust that they’re pretty effective.

The science of beauty products was established long ago — and even though the ancients may not have known exactly what it was about certain ingredients that made their skin look and feel good, they could tell that its powers were mighty.


All the famous beauties in history had elaborate skin care and makeup routines, from Cleopatra to Queen Isabelle of Hungary. Modern-day brands have put their own spin on these ancient beauty rituals and updated them to make them even more effective and just as luxurious.

We may not be using crocodile dung these days, but ingredients like rose water, honey, and milk are more popular than ever.

Who doesn’t love indulging in a bit of old-timey beauty? It makes you feel connected to all those who went before us, and a bit of pampering is just as important now as it was many moons ago.


Even the Wall Street Journalis impressed by this face cream. Handmade by actual Monks in a Czech monastery, this rich and hydrating cream has an impressive heritage. According to the WSJ, Fresh based the recipe for the cream on “an ancient Roman recipe for one of the world’s first-recorded cosmetics creams.”


Found Beauty is designed based on ancient beauty rituals and made classic, high-quality ingredients at a low price point. This eye balm wakes up your whole under-eye area, reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles.


Persian people have been using saffron, pistachio, and rose in its beauty products for hundreds of years, so it makes sense that these ingredients would be used in this luxurious hair oil.

Lena & Lina San Francisco

This innovative brand uses a combination of modern Japanese ingredients and ancient Asian traditions for highly potent products. This serum is not only a great anti-aging and hydrating serum, but also improves skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Lili Aromatherapy

People have been bathing in warm water with herbs, flowers, and tea since the beginning of time, and these tea bags are just the thing to perk up your skin. With ingredients like lemongrass, jasmine, and rose, they relieve sunburns, tighten, and brighten skin, and draw out impurities.

Bloom Purifying mud mask

It doesn’t get more ancient than the Dead Sea, and this mask made of Dead Sea black mud, aloe, and honey is a wonderful way to gently purify, clean pores, and draw out blemishes. You’ll be left with clean and truly radiant skin.

Caudalie beauty elixir

This cult-beauty facial spray was inspired by Queen Isabelle of Hungary’s Elixir of Youth and is a luxurious pick-me-up either to set your makeup or refresh your skin.


This nutrient-rich clay mask is made with ingredients our foremothers used in their skin care, like rare black volcanic sand. Doesn’t get more ancient than volcanoes, if you ask us.

Tatcha water cream

This brand is beloved by beauty enthusiasts and is actually inspired by ancient Japanese recipes and geisha beauty rituals. The Water Cream is one of its best-selling products and provides rich, hydrating moisture.

Paura glow
Te Mana

All of Te Mana’s products are made with ingredients native to New Zealand and can be harvested in ancient rainforests. The Paura Glow elixir gives you hydrated, vibrant, and radiant skin.

honey drop moisturizer

Honey has been used in beauty products since the dawn of mankind, and this ultra-hydrating moisturizer is made of all natural products and will leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

Cos Bar

This hydrating cream not only nurtures your skin, but it leaves it feeling ultra-soft thanks to its combination of the ancient Ayurvedic ingredients of Himalayan Honey and Indian Rose.

Are you inspired? Nothing like some old-school beauty to make it all feel full circle. It really makes you feel like we are all connected through our beauty rituals.

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