Heart-shaped blusher is the latest bonkers beauty trend sweeping Instagram

SOMETIMES, when you’re on a date, you want to be subtle.

You’ve probably read the advice: black dress, barely-there makeup, and don’t talk about your cat too much.


But what about throwing the rule book out and going full Marie Antoinette and paint actual hearts on your cheeks?

Instagram is always the hub of weird and wacky beauty trends, and 2018 is looking…interesting.

The ‘Heart Blusher’ is the latest trend that has got people scratching their heads.


Instead of a chiselled contour or subtle highlight, beauty instagrammers have taken to actually painting hearts on their cheeks .

Super low key, right?

Who would have guessed a French noblewoman was the new trendsetter?


Well, Valentine’s Day is only a month away, and this looks seems pretty tricky, so it’s probably best to start practising as soon as possible.

Of course, you don’t just have to wear it on a date, it seems pretty versatile enough to rock on a night out.

Maybe just don’t wear it in your business meetings, though.

If you don’t fancy wearing your heart on your, erm, cheeks, then check out our Valentines Day messages inspiration.

Have you seen the other weird beauty trends this year? Maybe try glitter brows on your next night out.

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Cheat your way to super-cute rainbow heart nails this Valentine’s Day

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