Jonny Mitchell loses his man boobs and beer belly in just SIX weeks – this is how

Jonny Mitchell has shown off his ripped torso after losing a stone in just six weeks.


The Love Island hunk admitted that he “let himself go” after the reality show finished – leading him to pile on the pounds.

Wanting to get in shape in time for his Celebrity Big Brother entrance, the 26-year-old by making some changes to his lifestyle.



WEIGHT, WHAT? Jonny Mitchell flaunts transformation after a few weeks of training

In November, Jonny tipped the scales at 14st 10lbs and admits he became “ashamed of his body”.

“I was ashamed of how I looked ”

Jonny Mitchell

He said: ““After leaving Love Island I just let myself go. I was out partying most nights and then would eat junk food late at night and then the next day would comfort eat my way out of the hangover.

“I was ashamed of how I looked and there is no way I would have wanted to get my top off and get in the CBB hot tub looking like that.”


Determined to , he teamed up with the health wellbeing brand Forza Supplements, who devised a fitness programme to get him in perfect shape.

Jonny remembered: “There was no way I was going into that hot tub with man boobs and a beer belly! With CBB, there is nowhere to hide.

“If your body isn’t ripped, the cameras will show every ounce of fat so I was determined to get in great shape.”

Thankfully, the Essex boy’s regime has been a success. Not only has he lost a stone, he’s also shed 3 1/2 inches from his waist and wiped out his beer belly.

jonny mitchell weight lossFORZA

OH MY BOD! Jonny has impressed with his new look

After cutting back on booze and junk food, Jonny began bulking up at the gym.

He said: “I lost about 5lbs in the first week alone and then after that I started to back again from all my trips to the gym.

“I was working out a lot to get in shape this quickly and I was going about six times a week with one rest day but you could easily do it with just two or three trips to the gym a week – it will just take you 12 weeks instead of six.

“I was really pleased that I totally got rid of my man boobs. My chest size is exactly what it was before but now it’s muscle and not fat.”

Jonny is so thrilled with his transformation that he is now looking forward to stripping off on CBB.

In fact, he’s got so much body confidence that

The business director admitted: “With sex on TV you have to think about performance issues. I’ve not had sex for weeks so if I do have sex in the house, the pressure is really on.

“If it presents itself, I won’t say no like some weirdo – but I’d have to consider my options.”


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