Louise Linton Slammed As 'Marie Antoinette Without Pants' For Posing In Just A Sweater for 'Elle'

Voters are baffled by Louise Linton’s attempt to be relatable while posing in just a sweater. See the pic and the best reactions to her Marie Antoinette moment.

Louise Linton, wife to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, has been roundly criticized in the past for constantly flaunting her wealth, even at government functions. That’s why voters are baffled by an interview she did with Elle Magazine, in which she tried to prove that she was totally relatable. Oh, and it was accompanied by a sexy photo of her lounging in an armchair in just a sweater — no pants. They’re absolutely roasting her on Twitter for the tone deaf image, with one person described as “Marie Antoinette without pants.” Burn!

If this was Louise’s attempt at rehabbing her image, it definitely didn’t work. Her reasons she’s totally a normal person aren’t actually relatable. She said she loves going to Soul Cycle ($40 a class), taking selfies on Snapchat with her husband, calligraphy, and blasting big bang music throughout her ($12.5 million) house. She totally loves dogs and said that she befriended a homeless man in the park named Richard because she was concerned about his dog’s health. No mention of the wellbeing of the homeless man. She met the reporter from Elle at Three Guys diner on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, which does serve family-friendly fair like chicken fingers. Except, that order of chicken fingers costs $16, according to their menu.

“I’m just a regular girl, and I’m not perfect, but I’m trying my best,” she says. “Maybe I should wear that on a T-shirt and Instagram that. And then on the back it should say…‘I’m so sorry,’” she told Elle. Why is she sorry? How much time do you have? Louise, who is from Scotland, got international attention several years ago before even meeting Mnuchin when she published an extremely offensive “memoir” about her 1999 gap year volunteering in Zambia.

She claimed in “In Congo’s Shadow” that she had to flee her village and hide in the jungle to escape rebel soldiers, shared a “deep bond” with an HIV-infected baby, was called a “long hair angel” and was almost mauled by wild animals. Yeah, that story started unraveling fast. People who were there at the same time as her said that none of the above ever happened. Oops! She apologized and took the book out of circulation.

After marrying the treasury secretary in 2017, she made several major missteps. The first: she posted a photo on Instagram of herself in her finest clothing walking down the stairs from a government airplane. She tagged her fabulous outfit “#hermesscarf, #tomford sunnies, and #valentino.” Gross. She became an instant meme later when a photo circulated of herself and her husband holding up a sheet of newly printed dollar bills at the US mint. She was wearing elbow-length leather gloves, which she told Elle was supposed to invoke Jacqueline Kennedy (though people went with Cruella de Vil). See the best tweets about her latest faux pas below:

HollywoodLifers, do you think it was appropriate for Louise to pose bottomless for Elle? Let us know!

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