Netflix hits 125 Million streaming subscribers

Netflix’s Q1 2018 financial report just came in and it reveals that the giant has crossed 125 Million subscribers. In the final quarter of last year, Netflix has gained around 8.33 million subscribers. And in the first three months of this year, the streaming giant has added another 7.4 million subscribers which makes it the total number of subscribers 125 Million worldwide at the end of the march month i.e. in the Q1 2018. 


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Netflix hits 125 Million streaming subscribers

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If we talk particularly about the US market, the giant has added 1.96 million net U.S. streaming subscribers and 5.66 million subscribers worldwide before March 31st.

Since, it was a financial data from the company, they have also disclosed the revenue and profit they have earned through the first quarter of this current year. As per their official financial report, Netflix has generated $3.7 billion in revenue for Q1 with a net profit of $290 million.


Since the competition in this online streaming services section is getting high, each of the providers have started creating their own new fresh contents for the users. Netflix too has released a set of new shows and more fresh contents which is the reason why it has gained more number of subscribers to their services.

Earlier this year, Netflix has said that they will spend $7.5 Billion to $8 Billion on contents, the number of subscribers will grow even more in the second and third quarters to their network. They will work hard for creating fresh content which would be exclusively available for the subscribers of Netflix.

To gain more number of subscribers, Netflix will come up with a set of attractive plans. There will be a number of different types of plans available for the people with their own demands. New consumers will be able to get their own suitable plan and this is how the giant will gain more subscribers to its network in the coming days.

If we talk about this year, the giant will have 700 original shows and movies for the subscribers this year. From which over 80 series specific to local and other for non-English speaking markets. The giant is constantly improving their service on various platforms and now supports 4K streaming as well. Compatible consoles can now stream out contents in full 4K resolution which offers realistic and rich user interface.

Netflix is currently on top position in the industry and by seeing the aim of the company for this year, it will stick to the same position the entire year. People will get attracted towards the new plans and contents that the giant will offer to its subscribers. We hope to see more of such competition in this field as eventually we will get more benefits from it.

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