Tom's take: Scott Frost brings buzz back to Nebraska on championship Saturday

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Go crazy, Nebraska. Here’s your moment.

This one was for Husker fans big and small, new-school and old-school, run the ball guy and his brother, throw the ball guy. This one was for the Husker fans who remember all the history and the millennials who craved some of their own.

Scott Frost is coming to coach Nebraska football. We’ll have plenty of time to analyze, over-think and dream about what that means. But for now, on championship Saturday, it felt like NU had won a championship.

It’s certainly not a stretch, by any imagination, to say this was the greatest moment Nebraska has had in the last 15 years.

And while that may not be saying much, it feels like a lot.

It feels like a moment in Nebraska history, watching UCF outlast Memphis in a double-overtime thriller, with the “Breaking News” crawl in red below, announcing Frost coming to Nebraska. The Huskers, back in the news, with a rush of adrenaline not felt around here in decades.

I was watching it in The World-Herald news room, with crowds around all the TV sets. There was a buzz in the news room. Yes, the buzz is back in Nebraska.

Where were you watching? At a wedding? The mall? Sports bar? On your phone? You’ll remember.

There will be celebrating tonight, folks cheering a coaching hire, and it feels right. It feels perfect. There was a rally planned on Saturday afternoon at 72nd and Dodge, where your dad or granddad used to congregate after national championships. Sure, why not?

Frost brings so much to the table something for everybody, but most of all hope. We don’t know what he’s going to do here. We have a pretty good idea. That’s called hope.

On Saturday, hope came back to Nebraska, wearing a 1997 Nebraska letter jacket and the gleam of a young Husker fan who grew up to be the head coach.

I can’t wait to write this story. You can’t wait to live it.

It started on Saturday, championship Saturday. Congratulations, Nebraska. No, there won’t be a ring for this one. Not yet.

How would you grade Nebraska’s hiring of Scott Frost?

The Huskers announced Saturday that Scott Frost would be the program’s next football coach. How do you grade the hire?

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