Weight loss: Obese man who couldn't walk lost 11 stone after quitting this unhealthy habit

A morbidly obese man has revealed how he shed almost 11 stone, after losing the use of his legs – and gained an inch in height – after giving up comfort eating. 

Dave Bevan, 30, was told his excessive 24 stone 7lb bulk meant he risked paralysis, after he was rushed to hospital in the middle of the night, unable to walk.


The super-slimmer, of Swansea, South Wales recalled: “I woke up in the early hours and couldn’t feel my legs.”

He went on: “Rushed to hospital, doctors gave me an ultimatum – lose weight or face risky surgery on my spinal cord, which could leave me paralysed.”

Bullied at school because of his expanding waistline, Dave took to eating sugary snacks and didn’t go out.


“I had friends, but not very many, so I started to comfort eat.”

A post shared about Dave by Weight Watchers (@weightwatchers) on Aug 8, 2017 shed light on his previous diet.

“For breakfast, I’d have massive portions of cereal and toast, and I’d just skip lunch, eating chocolate, crisps and biscuits all day,” he confessed.


“Then, in the evening, I’d eat almost three portions of my mum’s home cooked food of roast chicken with huge helpings of rice or potatoes and some vegetables.”

At his heaviest, Dave weighed 25 stone. But the turning point came for him when, aged 22, he hurt his back lifting a box of beef at his supermarket job in Morrisons.

“I bent down to pick it up and my back just went,” he said. 

Dave was told by his GP he could lose the use of his legs, by developing a spinal cord condition, if he didn’t shed the pounds.

And, just a few days later, their warning was ringing in his ears, when his legs stopped working and he was rushed to Morriston Hospital.

Vowing to shed the pounds, Dave joined Weight Watchers and lost a staggering 10 stone 9lb over 18 months.

Dave’s healthy regime included eating porridge for breakfast, a salad for lunch and grilled chicken and vegetables for dinner, and taking up a new walking regime.

He slimmed down to 13 stone 12lb and has lost a staggering 10 inches around his waist, and landed a new job as a bus driver.

He said: “The weight loss has transformed my life. It’s eased the pressure on my spine – so while I’ll possibly still need spinal surgery at some point, due to the nature of my condition, it will be a long way off  – if ever. 

“Plus, I’m even taller by an inch – going from 6ft 3ins to 6ft 4ins – because my body has straightened itself out.”

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