Mom Makes Viral Video On Differences Between Women, Men With Colds

A mom created a spoof video on the differences between men and women when they battle a cold. The video, which was published to parenting blog That’s Inappropriate, has garnered 25 million views on Facebook and more than 1 million on YouTube


Meredith Masony, 37, first shared her “The Man Cold Vs The Mom Cold” video to YouTube in 2016, but it started to make waves on the Internet once again this December as cold and flu season is at its peak. Masony was inspired to create the popular video based off of her own personal experience with her husband, according to Popsugar

“There are no sick days for Moms,” Masony wrote in the video’s caption. “Men, on the other hand, seem to turn into children when they get a cold. Does your man suffer the ‘Man Cold’ when he is sick?”

The video sees Masony and her husband portraying what actually happens when a married couple both comes down with a cold, but the pair handles the situation very differently.  Her husband is seen seemingly miserable as he lay down in bed, but Masony is still running around the house completing a boatload of tasks, including watching after their children. 

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“What do you need? Yea, I know you don’t feel good,” Masony said to her husband. “I don’t feel good either, no. I have the same cold that you have. I’m pretty sure you gave me this cold.”

Masony exited their bedroom and came back in with juice for her “baby man child” husband, who was still shown lying in bed underneath of the covers as she worked on finishing the dishes and a load of laundry. 

“I know that you feel like you’re going to die, but you’re not going to die,” Masony said. “I will dig a hole, kick you into the hole and cover you up. You just have a cold.”

The video attracted mostly positive feedback from commenters on Facebook and YouTube who found Masony’s depiction of men and women battling a cold to be “true,” “funny” and “accurate.”

“I’m laughing so hard only because this is 100 percent true,” one commenter wrote on YouTube.

One Facebook user claimed the video was “seriously spot on.”

“Why is this so accurate?” a second Facebook commenter asked.

Masony publishes videos that detail her journey through marriage and motherhood, among other topics. She has more than 27,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 1 million followers on Facebook since launching her digital platform, That’s Inappropriate, in 2014. Outside of video making, Masony is also a published writer as her first book “Scoop The Poop” became a #1 seller in 2016. 

A YouTuber made a video on the difference between men and women with colds, pictured August 31, 2016.Photo: YouTube

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