The Only 3 Green Beauty Essentials You Need, According To A Celebrity Makeup Artist

Katey Denno is one of L.A.’s top celebrity makeup artists who just so happens to be a natural beauty devotee. With a client list that includes Amanda Seyfried, Alanis Morissette, Amber Heard, Mindy Kaling, Cara Delevingne, and many, many more, she’s a trusted talent in the industry who’s known for both her whimsical and classic makeup looks.


Denno didn’t set out to become a nontoxic makeup artist—it found her. She was a social worker for over a decade who spent the majority of her time with women and children who were survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. One of the easiest ways to forge an immediate connection with women during their intake at the shelter, she found, was to talk about the seemingly superficial: beauty products. She’d make sure that these women, so many of whom fled their homes with nothing, had what they needed to wash their face and hair each night—offering some semblance of normalcy. Later on, when she worked at an HIV clinic in New York City, she saw the power of makeup in a new light, working with her large population of male-to-female transgendered clients.

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