Tips to having a healthy holiday season

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The Department of Public Health warns residents to look at prescriptions before traveling to avoid running out.


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Making health and safety a priority this holiday season may prevent sickness and allow you to enjoy the holidays to the fullest.

According to Charles Ruis with the Department of Public Health, there are many safety tips to consider before traveling this holiday season.

Ruis warns drivers to never drink and drive and always have a designated driver before leaving for a holiday gathering.


Ruis also encourages residents to wear appropriate cold-weather clothing so that you can avoid getting sick as temperatures drop.

According to Ruis, it is also important to check prescription medications prior to traveling to see if a refill will be necessary.

“if supplies are running low, now is the time to request a refill. Don’t wait until it’s December the 24th or 31st to try to call your provider to request a refill because they may or may not be accessible during that period of time,” said Ruis.

Many Doctor’s Offices close days before Christmas.

According to Ruis, it’s also not too late to get a flu shot.

Ruis says anyone over the age of six months can benefit from getting a flu shot. It takes about two weeks to kick in.

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